HyperRapid(TM) (EUIPO No. 018310163, KSA Patent #353196, Registration pending)

The HyperRapid is the ultimate (in terms of pressure level and speed) conceivable terrestrial transportation system providing an unparalleled travel experience and safety. We invite you to read more about this innovation.


Centered around the first person with a PhD on the aerodynamics of high speed tube transportation systems (EPFL in 1998), we are a team of dynamic professionals from different cultural backgrounds deeply rooted in the tech industry. We strive hard to meet the expectations of our investors, our clients and ultimately the passengers who will enjoy more of their time with their families and less on transport systems.



The HyperRapid shall become the first and in terms of speed, reliability, comfort and safety the ultimate terrestrial tube transportation system in the world. The HyperRapid shall provide an exceptional travel experience connecting cities, countries and continents in unbelievably short times. Based on 27 years of experience in the aerodynamics of high speed tube transportation systems, a patented solution and an in depth knowledge of the transportation industry, we will deploy the technologically most advanced solution in a short period of time.

Evolution of High Speed Transport

Intercity Express
100 m/s
150 m/s
200-1000 m/s
1000-2000 m/s



HyperRapid can reach 1-2 km/s = 3600-7200 km/h.

Light weight

Vehicle are ultra light, compact and comfortable.

Double layer tube.

Double layer of tube to maintain vacuum and additional safety.


Emergency exit concept with no leakages.


Revolving Barrel principle for stations safe and fast exchange of passengers with no leakages.


Safety is our top priority using the paramount safety concept with unmanned test vehicle, alignment and vibration sensors.